What Features should be Included during Custom Healthcare Software Development?

custom healthcare software features

The software commonly used by the healthcare industry to improve daily operations is termed healthcare software. In the medical field, there are two types of institutions, hospitals, and clinics. Though both institutions treat patients, software features requirements may vary. Hospitals possess several doctors and helping staff. While the clinics have a lesser number of human resources. This gap creates a difference in software requirements. Customized software is preferred nowadays to meet the exact and all the features required in the medical institution or the clinic of the doctor. Technology enhances the efficiency and ease of doing the works.

Following features should be included during custom medical software development:

  • Patient Profiling – The patient profile in the medical software has two types of data, one is personal information and another is medical history. The medical history store the disease or symptoms and their corresponding diagnosis. These data help in future diagnosis. Software developers set security triggers and various levels of permissions to user types to make any change in the data available. These data are accessible to the doctors assigned only instead of the admin or other healthcare staff of the hospital. This feature of the software is important and the software development team takes utmost care during the whole development process. Whether the custom software is meant for a hospital or a clinic of an individual doctor, a patient profiling feature is demanded.
  • Hospital Management – This part of the healthcare software consists of the administrative module of the hospital. Custom software developer provides different admin user types to access different software management sections of the custom software. The super admin can access all the sections of the custom healthcare software. The admin users can add, update and delete the data as easily as a single click. The hospital management software includes data of all medical or healthcare staff and inventory management section. This section of the software also includes a reporting section. Various reports are generated in this section and can be consulted as per the will for further use.
  • Appointment Scheduling & Billing – It looks well-managed process if people visit healthcare institutions with an appointment. The appointment scheduling feature is basic functionality in the custom healthcare software. This works in real-time. A user interacts in the front-end and sees the available time slots on a particular date. The user chooses an appointment slot as per convenience and meets the concerned doctor. In the back-end, the medical staff views the appointments scheduled with user data. The hospital administration can re-schedule, postpone or cancel appointments from the back-end. Similarly, the billing functionality gets included in the medical software.


Take the leverage of advancing technology and automate the whole healthcare process. Zaptech Solutions is a healthcare software development company with more than a decade of experience in technology solutions. Custom software development is based on the requirement specification and user experience. Hire software developers and grow your own business.

Zaptech Solutions Reviews: Why to Hire Zaptech Solutions for Custom Education Software Solutions?

Zaptech Solutions Reviews: Why to Hire Zaptech Solutions for Custom Education Software Solutions?

Zaptech Solutions is a software consulting and development company with offices in the USA and India. It offers custom software solutions for the education industry together with other industries. It offers complete software solutions for desktop applications, web applications, and mobile applications. Clients across the globe reach to it for complete solutions or even at times for partial solutions. It also offers branding solutions to startups whenever required. The software company has the completeness in which contemporary companies lag. It has a specialization in software development for the education sector.

Following are the common education software demands nowadays:

Online Learning Solutions - eLearning is becoming more popular over time and looks like a requirement in the current social scenario. Zaptech Solutions offers a complete online education software solution.

Smart Classes Solution - Zaptech Solutions converts regular offline classes into smart classes with its cutting-edge technology solution. Smart classes make the learning process more interesting.

Document Management System - The custom software for document management is used by the administration department. It saves offline documents into an online vault and makes them searchable.

Administrative Software Solution - The backend processes in the education department are managed with the administrative module of the custom software. This stores data and generates various reports.

Mock Examination System - Online test system is the need of hour like the online classes. It is because of the Corona Virus outbreak. Get a complete online examination system designed and developed by Zaptech Solutions.

Creative Website and Mobile Apps Solution - Zaptech Solutions design and develop creative website and native iOS & Android mobile apps as per the requirement placed by the institute.

Startups across the globe are reaching to Zaptech Solutions with their unique ideas and the software company is fulfilling the requirements. At times, the two parties sign a non-disclosure agreement paper and sometimes, it doesn’t require it.

Following are the fine points associated with Zaptech Solutions for custom education technology solutions:

70% Returning Customers Explain the All

Zaptech Solutions is witnessing a whopping 70% of customers are repeat customers. This can be termed as the best asset the software company has earned in more than a decade-long software development career. This data reveals clients are getting satisfied with the software solution delivered and clients are achieving their goals.

Support and Service

The software industry is not like deliver excellence once and then forget. A software development company is regarded as a better company by measuring the support and service level even after the deployment. Zaptech Solutions is committed to the maintenance contract signed for the education software. Even if the software developed is not under maintenance, Zaptech Solutions takes responsibility for support and service for a lifetime.

Experience and Expertize

The education software development company Zaptech Solutions, has catered the various software requirements in the last thirteen years. It has served more than thirty-one industries including the education one. The experienced software developers are duly updated with the knowledge required in the changing technology world. The dedicated application developers have expertize in converting ideas into realities.


Zaptech Solutions is a can-go with software consulting company with its own success stories. Like Rome was not built in a day, it has passed with many milestones in the software business. Its success lies in the client’s success and does all necessary things to make the clients successful.