What Features should be Included during Custom Healthcare Software Development?

custom healthcare software features

The software commonly used by the healthcare industry to improve daily operations is termed healthcare software. In the medical field, there are two types of institutions, hospitals, and clinics. Though both institutions treat patients, software features requirements may vary. Hospitals possess several doctors and helping staff. While the clinics have a lesser number of human resources. This gap creates a difference in software requirements. Customized software is preferred nowadays to meet the exact and all the features required in the medical institution or the clinic of the doctor. Technology enhances the efficiency and ease of doing the works.

Following features should be included during custom medical software development:

  • Patient Profiling – The patient profile in the medical software has two types of data, one is personal information and another is medical history. The medical history store the disease or symptoms and their corresponding diagnosis. These data help in future diagnosis. Software developers set security triggers and various levels of permissions to user types to make any change in the data available. These data are accessible to the doctors assigned only instead of the admin or other healthcare staff of the hospital. This feature of the software is important and the software development team takes utmost care during the whole development process. Whether the custom software is meant for a hospital or a clinic of an individual doctor, a patient profiling feature is demanded.
  • Hospital Management – This part of the healthcare software consists of the administrative module of the hospital. Custom software developer provides different admin user types to access different software management sections of the custom software. The super admin can access all the sections of the custom healthcare software. The admin users can add, update and delete the data as easily as a single click. The hospital management software includes data of all medical or healthcare staff and inventory management section. This section of the software also includes a reporting section. Various reports are generated in this section and can be consulted as per the will for further use.
  • Appointment Scheduling & Billing – It looks well-managed process if people visit healthcare institutions with an appointment. The appointment scheduling feature is basic functionality in the custom healthcare software. This works in real-time. A user interacts in the front-end and sees the available time slots on a particular date. The user chooses an appointment slot as per convenience and meets the concerned doctor. In the back-end, the medical staff views the appointments scheduled with user data. The hospital administration can re-schedule, postpone or cancel appointments from the back-end. Similarly, the billing functionality gets included in the medical software.


Take the leverage of advancing technology and automate the whole healthcare process. Zaptech Solutions is a healthcare software development company with more than a decade of experience in technology solutions. Custom software development is based on the requirement specification and user experience. Hire software developers and grow your own business.

What are the Features of a Magento Ecommerce Website

What are the Features of a Magento Ecommerce Website?

The ecommerce websites developed using the Magento platform are called Magento ecommerce websites. The Magento development platform offers complete ecommerce business solutions. All modern features of an ecommerce website should have been included in the platform. Magento developers can customize the platform as and when needed to meet the business requirement. The modern ecommerce platform is equipped with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). The platform has many modules and extensions to meet the ecommerce business requirements. These can be customized and new ones can be added easily by the ecommerce developers. The Magento ecommerce development platform is based on PHP and MySQL technologies.

The Magento ecommerce websites are equipped with the following features in general:

  • Product Catalog - The website builder lets the ecommerce developers create various pages together with the product catalog. The catalog consists of category-wise products and product pages. Bulk products can be uploaded using the dashboard of the store website. Upload the .csv file to upload the products in bulk. The look and feel of the ecommerce catalog depend upon the theme chosen from the various options provided.
  • Shopping Cart - Integrate the shopping cart to the product catalog. Choose payment gateway options together with COD as per the business strategy. Payment options are crucial for an ecommerce website as it is directly linked with the conversions. Similarly, choose shipping options you want to provide to your online shoppers. A shopping cart enables an ecommerce website to receive payment for the orders placed and complete the transaction.
  • Inventory Management - The backend of the ecommerce website offers the product stock management system. The Magento platform offers real-time inventory management together with just-in-time inventory (JIT) management. Inventory management in Magento is an automated process. Reports can be generated using the dashboard for the inventory. There are various modules available on the platform to choose from as per the requirement.
  • Order Management - Orders are the backbone of an ecommerce business. Online buyers place an order using the website to the seller. The online seller receives the order and views it in the dashboard. The seller does the necessary activities to ship the product ordered to the buyer. This makes the transaction complete. The Magento platform offers various reports to enhance further sales and improve the overall CX.
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling - Product recommendations are the key to ecommerce conversions nowadays. AI & ML together play a fabulous job here. The Magento platform offers Adobe Sensei extension to automate the product recommendations to cross-sell and up-sell the products. This offers easy conversions together with a good customer experience (CX). This makes Magento websites different from the other ecommerce websites available.
  • Personalization - The Magento offers merchants to give a personalized experience to the shoppers. Ecommerce personalization is based on customer behavior, order history, location, gender, and so on. Using these parameters merchants can set dynamic pricing, show personalized content, show personalized offers, and so on. Personalization gives a higher conversion and keeps customers smiling.


The Magento platform offers a flexible ecommerce platform with almost all necessary website features already intact. Zaptech Solutions is a Magento ecommerce development company that offers to hire a Magento developer to meet business requirements. It has more than a decade of Magento development experience.

Why PHP Programming is Popular Among Developers Across the Globe

Why PHP Programming is Popular Among Developers Across the Globe?

Hypertext Pre-Processor or PHP is a programming language using which developers are building various application software to use on various devices. PHP is more popular for web solutions and backend solutions. Software developers build various desktop-based stand-alone solutions using PHP programming. Usually, PHP is used together with MySQL database and Apache web server on Linux OS. This combination of technologies is popularly known as LAMP. It is free to use and most have default installation on Linux servers. PHP has evolved with contributions from the huge community present worldwide. PHP is regarded as the most popular server-side scripting language in the world.

Following has made PHP development popular in the world:

  • Open-Source - PHP is an open-source server-side programming language. Any developer can modify the source code of PHP itself to suits the need. Even the development in the code can be posted on the community site. If a majority of moderators accept the change in the language then that is bind with the installation software. PHP developers across the globe are contributing to the growth of the programming language. The online community of developers supports each other.
  • Easy-to-Use - The open-source PHP programming language is written in C and C++ programming language. C is known as the basic programming language in the computer world and is known to the majority of programmers. The computer programmers already familiar with C adapted the PHP language quickly. The popularity of the PHP language spread like a fire in a forest. A large community build in no time and started to support each other. The beginner PHP programmers never find any problem faced unsolved.
  • Portability - The PHP programs can run on any operating system of the computer server. If a PHP program is developed on Linux OS then the source code of that program will run on Windows OS in the same manner. This feature of PHP gave it an upper hand in making the language popular. It covered almost all computer programmers irrespective of what operating system they use. This helped PHP in attaining a vertical growth graph.
  • Community Support - The gaining popularity of PHP was building a large online community to interact with each other. The online PHP community is very lively behaved and is found always enthusiastic. The solution to almost every problem faced while programming in PHP is published online. Even if any beginner programmer searches the error occurred in the search engine then the proper solution pops out instantly. This is one of the major factors of PHP being at such a height of popularity.
  • Security - PHP programming language can produce secure applications. Options are already provided to the developers to secure their software from DDoS attacks. Even security patches are provided at the hosting level to provide a secure environment. In PHP development the programmers know already the vulnerable areas and take necessary steps in the code to make it secured.


Nowadays, about 80% of websites live on the www are using PHP somehow. Already many popular sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. are using PHP. Zaptech Solutions is a PHP development company with more than a decade of experience. Hire PHP developer to fulfill your software requirement and business goals.

What are the Advantages of Magento eCommerce Platform?

What are the Advantages of Magento eCommerce Platform?

Magento is a store development platform for online businesses. It is easier to build an eCommerce website using this platform. Choose a theme as per the industry requirement and customize. The customization tools provided in the Magento platform are easy-to-use and it has the completeness as per the business requirements. It is a self-hosted eCommerce platform. The huge online Magento community support is available as and when needed. The community edition is free to use, unlike the enterprise edition. Magento company offers support services in enterprise edition. These friendly features have made the Magento platform popular across the globe.

Following are the advantages of eCommerce development on the Magento platform:

Developer Friendly - Magento is open-source and built using PHP/MySQL programming. PHP developers can easily acquaint themselves with the Magento platform. The source code of Magento is open for unlimited customization as and when needed. This is a huge advantage for eCommerce developers.

Mobile-Friendly & Secured - The online store website developed using the eCommerce development platform Magento is responsive to mobile devices. Magento has an enhanced password management system with SHA-256. It has improved cross-site scripting (XSS) prevention. Many more security features present make your online business secured.

SEO Friendly Store Website - Magento allows developers to apply SEO elements to the eCommerce website. Insert page title and meta description to the web pages in the site. Create an XML sitemap to submit to search engines to index the web pages. Integrate Google Analytics to the website. Many more features are provided as per the search engine’s standard guideline to make eCommerce websites rank higher.

Guest Checkout - The online shoppers at times do not like to register for purchase. Instead, they like to buy without being a member of the site. Magento offers one-page checkout with a guest checkout feature. This makes the eCommerce system user-friendly. This feature increases the eCommerce conversion rate.

Real-time Inventory Management - The real-time inventory information is the need of the hour. This helps in the sourcing of the right products in a timely manner. The backend dashboard of Magento offers a product management section to track the inventory. This feature is underlined as required by eCommerce managers nowadays.

Payment Gateways & Shipping Modules - Configure various payment methods from the options provided. Popular payment gateways together with COD payment options are already available on the platform to integrate. If any payment gateway desired is missing then API can be integrated easily. The same is the case with Shipping options.

Convert Web Store into Mobile Apps - Various Magento extensions are available on the platform to convert your eCommerce website into eCommerce mobile apps. The theme of the mobile apps can be kept the same as of the website or different mobile themes can be applied for different look and feel.

Abandoned Cart Management - When in the process of shopping the order is incomplete and the product added to the cart is left as it is then the cart left is called abandoned cart in eCommerce. The online sellers desire to contact the interested shopper to support the purchase process to complete it. Magento offers an abandoned cart management feature that can be enabled to increase conversion rates.


Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce development platforms in the world. Easy customization and rich in features have made the platform this popular. Zaptech Solutions is a Magento eCommerce development company that offers custom services across the globe. Hire Magento developer as your dedicated resource with Magento certification and proven expertise.

Zaptech Solutions Reviews: Why to Hire Zaptech Solutions for Custom Education Software Solutions?

Zaptech Solutions Reviews: Why to Hire Zaptech Solutions for Custom Education Software Solutions?

Zaptech Solutions is a software consulting and development company with offices in the USA and India. It offers custom software solutions for the education industry together with other industries. It offers complete software solutions for desktop applications, web applications, and mobile applications. Clients across the globe reach to it for complete solutions or even at times for partial solutions. It also offers branding solutions to startups whenever required. The software company has the completeness in which contemporary companies lag. It has a specialization in software development for the education sector.

Following are the common education software demands nowadays:

Online Learning Solutions - eLearning is becoming more popular over time and looks like a requirement in the current social scenario. Zaptech Solutions offers a complete online education software solution.

Smart Classes Solution - Zaptech Solutions converts regular offline classes into smart classes with its cutting-edge technology solution. Smart classes make the learning process more interesting.

Document Management System - The custom software for document management is used by the administration department. It saves offline documents into an online vault and makes them searchable.

Administrative Software Solution - The backend processes in the education department are managed with the administrative module of the custom software. This stores data and generates various reports.

Mock Examination System - Online test system is the need of hour like the online classes. It is because of the Corona Virus outbreak. Get a complete online examination system designed and developed by Zaptech Solutions.

Creative Website and Mobile Apps Solution - Zaptech Solutions design and develop creative website and native iOS & Android mobile apps as per the requirement placed by the institute.

Startups across the globe are reaching to Zaptech Solutions with their unique ideas and the software company is fulfilling the requirements. At times, the two parties sign a non-disclosure agreement paper and sometimes, it doesn’t require it.

Following are the fine points associated with Zaptech Solutions for custom education technology solutions:

70% Returning Customers Explain the All

Zaptech Solutions is witnessing a whopping 70% of customers are repeat customers. This can be termed as the best asset the software company has earned in more than a decade-long software development career. This data reveals clients are getting satisfied with the software solution delivered and clients are achieving their goals.

Support and Service

The software industry is not like deliver excellence once and then forget. A software development company is regarded as a better company by measuring the support and service level even after the deployment. Zaptech Solutions is committed to the maintenance contract signed for the education software. Even if the software developed is not under maintenance, Zaptech Solutions takes responsibility for support and service for a lifetime.

Experience and Expertize

The education software development company Zaptech Solutions, has catered the various software requirements in the last thirteen years. It has served more than thirty-one industries including the education one. The experienced software developers are duly updated with the knowledge required in the changing technology world. The dedicated application developers have expertize in converting ideas into realities.


Zaptech Solutions is a can-go with software consulting company with its own success stories. Like Rome was not built in a day, it has passed with many milestones in the software business. Its success lies in the client’s success and does all necessary things to make the clients successful.

How to Hire the Most Suitable Magento eCommerce Store Development Company?

How to Hire the Most Suitable Magento eCommerce Store Development Company?

Magento is an eCommerce store development platform build using PHP & MySQL technologies. This is open-source and can be customized by a developer at the core. It is regarded as a developer-friendly platform by eCommerce developers across the globe. Magento was founded way back year 2008 and is now owned by Adobe. Hiring a Magento store development company is tricky nowadays. Almost every company in the world claims they are having the best developers so they should be hired. Picking the most suitable company as per the requirement among them is a gruesome task.

Following features offered by the Magento platform make it distinguished:

  1. Simple WYSIWYG editor
  2. Responsive eCommerce website
  3. SEO friendly web store
  4. Multiple payment options integration
  5. Multiple shipping options
  6. User-friendly checkout
  7. Third-party API integration
  8. eCommerce mobile apps
  9. Enhanced security features
  10. Easy-to-use CMS
  11. Easier administrative dashboard
  12. Multiple store management

And, the list goes on. All Magento companies are launching eCommerce stores for their respective clients. It is not that they are not good or they are doing it wrongly. The dilemma is of choosing a better one among the good companies across the globe with a motto of meeting the purpose.

With the following approach retailers can hand-pick a good eCommerce development company:


The experience of a Magento company always matters. The experienced company performs the whole development cycle with confidence and delivers the quality store in the stipulated time. Experienced company with experienced Magento developers always delivers a better output. One important point to note here is, experienced companies with non-experienced developers should not be hired for the best conclusion.


After verifying the age of the Magento development company, check for the number of years of experience of the developer. With satisfaction with it, move ahead further and check whether the developers are Magento certified. This will establish the idea of expertize of the Magento developers. After verifying these, conduct a personal interview of the developers. This will lead to the best selection.

Seamless Communication

Communication might look like an awkward parameter for choosing a top Magento ecommerce development company. This is an important point to conclude the Magento project with a satisfactory note. The communication skill of the project coordinator and the developers concerned should be tested for a smoother delivery. Air-tight communication is the key to the speed and accuracy of the project.

Support & Service

A company is called good with the support and service it offers to its clients. It should not be like deliver and sign-off. The support and service must be provided even after the delivery of the Magento store. Bugs are apart, more functionality and features should be added or modified at any point in time. This is a seamless requirement of any eCommerce business.


The above steps mentioned make the hiring process smoother and yield the best hire of the industry. We at Zaptech Solutions have suitable Magento developers for hire to meet any eCommerce requirement.

Why to Choose Magento eCommerce Platform for your Online Store Development?

Why to Choose Magento eCommerce Platform for your Online Store Development?

The process of building an online store website using the Magento platform is called Magento ecommerce development. It is a CMS that allows developers to choose a store theme as per the industry requirement and apply it. The theme customization is easier on the Magento platform. Magento is a self-hosted platform and offers a friendly development environment to the developers. There are two editions of the Magento platform. The community edition is completely free to use while the enterprise edition is the paid version. The platform is based on PHP/MySQL technology which is the most widely used technology in the web world.

Following are the reasons to choose Magento as a development platform:

Ease of Customization

Magento is an open-source ecommerce CMS. An open-source technology makes it customization-friendly. Magento developers can customize not only the theme chosen but can customize any part of the platform itself and make it requirement-friendly. The most popular programming language PHP is used to build the platform. It has an extensive online community for help and support. This is one of the reasons to make Magento popular among web developers in the initial days. Nowadays, the Magento community itself has grown well online to help and support each other in the process of website development.

Multi-store Platform

The ecommerce store management is easier from the dashboard of the platform. Magento development allows to create of multiple online stores from a single dashboard and manages all of those using the same single dashboard. This is the beauty of the Magento platform. This platform feature enables merchants to launch multiple ecommerce websites on different domains and manage those easily. This reduces a lot of hassles of multiple store management. For example, products can be updated to all the stores or a set number of stores with a one-time update. Merchants do not require to update all the stores one-by-one.


Magento’s ecommerce platform is one of the most popular among the contemporary platforms. It has many advantages for both Magento developers and business owners. Magento ecommerce development is highly recommended.

How to Sell Products Online for Free Without an Ecommerce Website?

The 21st century is the era of online shopping. The volume and value of the shopping made online are increasing day-by-day. The study says online selling will keep growing for years to come. As per the data received so far, only 10% of offline shops have started selling online. The remaining 90% of offline retailers still have to come online to sell their products. The scope of growth in online business looks huge. Ecommerce websites and mobile apps are the prime platforms for an ecommerce business. There are ways to sell products online without owning a website.

Following are the popular ways to sell online without owning ecommerce websites:

  1. Social Media Platforms

Social commerce is a known online activity practiced by most retailers across the globe. Facebook and Instagram social media platforms are most suitable for ecommerce. Out of these two Facebook is the most suitable for online selling. To start selling using the social commerce platform Facebook, create a business page on Facebook. Upload your products with details in Facebook Shop. The products uploaded are seen by your business page followers together with others in their networks. After viewing your products, Facebook users become your customers.

Retailers sell their products through paid marketing on Facebook besides organic selling. Facebook offers paid advertisements for your products. During the Facebook Ad setup, sellers can target users precisely to whom they want to display their ads. This brings a difference while calculating the ROI. Even if a dynamic advertisement option is chosen, vendors can set up a retargeting. In the case of retargeting ads, if a user has engaged with the ad displayed then that ad is shown to the user on all affiliated Facebook network sites online. This enhances the overall sales.

  1. Sell on Google Search Engine

Google is a prominent search engine in the world. Google has a Shopping section to create an online store with your products. These listed products appear on the search result pages of the search engine as per the relevance. Google Shopping is an online marketplace with a good market share of shoppers around the world. It offers retailers an opportunity to sell online free without bothering for a website. Setup Google Adwords advertising for your products listed in the Shopping section. Optimize your Google store and product pages for a better outcome.


There are many other ways to sell products online besides what is stated above. Builderfly ecommerce platform offers a free ecommerce website together with a mobile ecommerce app builder for native iOS & Android platforms. Do consider it if you look to have a website together with a mobile app for your ecommerce journey. This platform offers a complete online business solution and it is easy-to-use.

Are the website builders provided at top ecommerce platforms absolutely free?

The online software provided at SaaS-based ecommerce platforms to create a web store without possessing designing or programming skills is called ecommerce store builders. Usually, these builders are theme-based to offer ease to build the required website. Users need to choose a theme corresponding to their type of business. For example, online furniture sellers will have to choose a theme related to a furniture store. Similarly, online hardware stores can have a different theme than a furniture store. After choosing a relevant theme, users need to customize it as per the brand and business needs.

The website builder tool is drag-and-drop elements to the web pages. The theme was chosen usually consists of all the features an ecommerce website should have. Most of the time users remove the unwanted features already provided on the website. Design elements can be dragged and dropped at the desired location on the pages. The ecommerce elements provided on pages can be reordered for a better user experience. After creating a product catalog with a shopping cart integrated, choose payment gateways that will handle the payments made during the product order. Integrate shipping options best suitable to your users.

Top ecommerce platforms offer various business management tools together with various modern marketing tools. These platforms offer a complete business solution. Sellers require to mind the sales, the rest are easily handled through the platforms. The popularity of ecommerce platforms is increasing day-by-day. There are many reasons the online sellers are making a beeline for the ecommerce platforms. A platform is regarded the best by seeing the completeness it offers and the ease of using it. Though there is no lunch free in the world, there are few platforms that have free plans.

An ecommerce platform like Builderfly offers 100% free online store builder. This is unlike most of the platforms of the world which offer a free trial for a few days. Builderfly has an upper hand in the pricing plan and beating the competition. Also, it has the completeness an ecommerce seller usually dreams of the tools. Builderfly offers a free ecommerce app for iOS and Android platforms. These mobile apps are native by nature, code for iOS is in Swift and for Android in Java. Native mobile apps provided are secured and with better performance. Avail the opportunity by registering your business with the Builderfly ecommerce platform and witness a vertical growth graph in the coming fiscal.

How to choose top ecommerce platforms for an online business?

Ecommerce platforms are online software-as-a-service that allows merchants to create and manage their ecommerce business on their own without any prior experience. Online retailers do not require to have a major technical skill like designing or programming to create and manage an online business from scratch. Such platforms are usually subscription-based and charge on a monthly or yearly basis. To start an ecommerce business such a charge looks small and affordable for most of the merchants across the globe. Retailers do not require a heavy investment while starting the business. These platforms are equipped with marketing tools too.

There are many old popular or lesser-known online platforms to create and manage ecommerce business. Besides, there are comparatively newer and unpopular platforms that are challenging the popular ones. These challenger platforms have simplified the process further and equipped with better processes and tools. This is because these have seen the older platforms and challenges in those and eventually rectified them. Check first the basic requirements an online business can have while choosing the best ecommerce platform. Some platforms might get sidelined at this stage. Check advanced features an ecommerce business require to run the business efficiently.

Check the ease-of-use it offers after checking the facilities a platform is offering. Only a very few platforms might have been left now from the array of top ecommerce platforms. Now check the completeness the ecommerce platform has. An ecommerce business involves the creation, management, and sales generation. Check each segment as per the requirement and then have a choice of the best. This is the easier way to find the best platform to establish and grow an ecommerce business. In the creation part, it should offer a free ecommerce store builder to test the elements offered. Besides, it should offer the best ecommerce app builder with the highest user experience.

Summarizing the checkpoints below to choose top ecommerce platforms:

  • Responsive ecommerce website

  • Native iOS & Android mobile apps

  • 100% free plan and overall costing

  • Full customization of stores

  • Easy-to-use platform

  • Reporting tools available

  • Abandoned cart recovery

  • Ecommerce SEO features

  • Multichannel selling

  • Marketing tools

Though the list goes on, the above checklist simplifies the process of ecommerce platform choosing. The Builderfly platform is regarded as the best one among the ecommerce experts across the globe. It is a newer ecommerce platform with promises and challenging the popular ecommerce platforms online to compete for a better one. The Builderfly ecommerce platform has the completeness in which other contemporary platforms lag.