What is a URL of a Free Ecommerce Website Builder

Here is the URL of a free ecommerce website builder, https://www.builderfly.com.

The website builders which provide free services have some limitations. Like, when you just complete the registration of your store at any free website builder platform, URL of your store will be www.yourstore.websitebuilder.com. This means, your store will run on a sub-domain. If you wish to run on your domain then one time nominal fee is there. This one time fee involves ecommerce store setup charge, maintenance charge, hosting charges and support charges. So, still it is a win-win situation for the ecommerce sellers.

For an instance, when you create your store at Builderfly, the link to your store will be www.yourstore.builderfly.com.

That’s totally a case of free trial period. At Builderfly, we let you customize your store by linking your store with a personalized store domain. When you register your business with Builderfly as a startup, you get a free access to professionally create your store. You get a lifetime free access to your store and can sell upto $5K from same store. On linking your personalized store domain, you can raise your brand as an individual entity.

Now, your store link will be www.yourstore.com.

So, now you are brand on your own and must look more professional.

We love to see you grow and we are ready to assist you at every step of your business. With the intuitive ecommerce store builder, you can manage your store, take care of marketing, manage orders and fulfillment and can take care of numerous aspects of your business. The ecommerce blog of Builderfly is knowledge rich. For example, you might require to know the trends online shopping has, these all topics are covered in the blog. And, it always keeps updating with new insights.

Don’t think a lot about the plans and features you will be getting access to. Register yourself at Builderfly to get hands on experience with your store. Once you feel satisfied, connect your domain and make your store live.

A Guide to Buy Travel Accessories from Online Stores

Traveling light is the key to smart traveling. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, your experience can either be exciting or exhausting. Majority of the inconveniences that can occur during traveling can be curbed if you follow a few smart tips. Travel accessories must be chosen wisely whether you are traveling national or international.


Roaming down the streets to look for the necessary travel accessories can be quite a daunting task for hustling travelers. With the increasing trend of online shopping and online selling apps for the same, people tend to search for everything online before stepping out. However, there are a few things to consider before you purchase your travel accessories. In this guide, you’ll get to learn about the right accessories that can accompany you for any journey.

Travel accessories that must not be missed

Universal Adapter

Different countries may offer unique outlets for connecting adapter of your electric appliances such as mobile phones, laptops, camera, etc. Carrying a universal adapter can help you connect your appliances without any difficulty irrespective of the country you visit.

Power Bank

You may or may not find a charging point, especially when you are traveling to new places. Carrying a fully-charged power bank is the ideal solution to bar any irks that may arise due to uncharged phone. If you are planning for a long trip and you have packed your power bank, you are good to go.

Luggage Scale

If airlines are your mode of transportation, you might know that there is a limited allowance for carrying luggage. If you plan to shop from your destination, you might need to check the weight of your luggage before traveling back. A luggage scale can help you maintain the required weight and avoid paying additional charges.

First Aid kit

Accidents, fever, cold, weak digestion, nausea, vomiting, and other health issues come uninvited. You need to be prepared for any such health issues during your journey. Consider including all the common medicines that you might require during your journey. Make sure that you check the expiry date of the medicines.

Toiletry Organizer

Carry all your toiletries in a compact organizer that will help you travel light without any mess. Organizing your toiletries in one place will also let you find your essentials all in one place.

Resealable bags

Keeping resealable bags can be useful in case you wish to pack your damp cloth or other essentials that you cannot pack with the rest of your luggage.

These are a few essentials that you must not miss out while heading out for your journey.

Things to consider before purchasing your travel accessories online

The risks of online shopping can be reversed when you have enough time to return the product. If you are purchasing your travel accessories, there are chances that it may get delivered late in a way that you do not get time to return. In order to avoid such situations, you can keep a few points in mind before buying your travel accessories online. We have listed a few essential tips to consider when purchasing travel accessories online.


Find out a reliable source

The number of online stores for buying travel accessories might be endless. However, you need to check the reliability of the source before investing your hard-earned money in it.

To do:

  • Conduct basic research on the most preferred online store for travel accessories

  • Check for the security of the storefront

  • Compare the offers from the few selected stores

Check the payment methods

Checking the mode of payment accepted by the online store you purchase is the most important factor. You must know if you can fulfill the payment with the provided mode of payment. Contrarily, you may have to return without purchasing your travel essentials.

To do:

  • Shortlist a few online stores from which you can consider purchasing your travel accessories

  • Compare the mode of payments offered by all the selected stores

  • Choose the online store that offers the payment mode as per your convenience

Read the product details carefully

Since you cannot physically touch a product to check its quality, you need to read the details of the product carefully. By doing so, you can avoid the risks of returning the product and missing out the same due to tight travel schedules. You should be aware of the trends online shopping has.

To do:

  • Check the size, weight, height, and material of the travel accessory to be purchased

  • Check the warranty or guarantee of the product

  • Check the refund policies of the product

Know the shipping procedure

If you are restricted with a limited time to get the travel accessories and you have got your flight/ train soon, you must make sure to check the shipping procedure of the chosen store. Make the final payment for the product only if you are satisfied with the provided shipment services.

To do:

  • Check the mode of transport

  • Check the estimated date for product delivery

  • Know whether your product will be collected from the point of delivery in case you wish to return the same

These were a few tips that can guide you in traveling smart – be it an official trip, be it a leisure trip. However, you must know the perks and loss of online shopping and must invest your time and money only on reliable sources. You can consider the product rating and the reviews written by the previous users before purchasing your essential travel accessory. Online store builder such as Builderfly, and such validate the authenticity of the online store with their professionally tailored procedures to build online stores and mobile apps.